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The most useful and ACTIONABLE collection of tactics and steps that will convert your hobbies, passions and ideas into a proftiable, long-term, lifestyle business.

Come join us, join your tribe of likeminded people, join the ProHobbyist Membership.


Follow the PROVEN 7-step ProHobbyist process and DISCOVER which specific business you should start online. Then create the product people will buy (using the path method of product creation)


Video instructions on how to set up a professional blog, set up email marketing, set up autoresponders… and much more!


Not only techniques, but discover the fundamentals of how business is done on the Internet. Understand – with case studies and a lot of hand holding – how search engines work and how authority building works online!

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Who’s Behind This

Mohammad Khan

Mohammad Khan

Chief Doer of Stuff at Momekh&Co

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Hey, Mohammad here. I am a blogger, writer and an add-venturer from Lahore.


  • I publish the award-winning creative self employment blog JustAddVenture,  
  • I have been self-employed for over a decade, experimenting, surviving and sometimes thriving in various forms of business!
  • have started offline and online ventures, including dairy farms, marketing firm, design consultancies, freelancing gigs and elearning. 
  • as an experiment, I set myself a challege of earning only from affiliate websites, and then to go on a business-class trip. I by God’s Grace did it in 60% of the time, and then wrote a 70+ page guide called “TheFirst1000Dollars” on how exactly to do it (that is available for free on the blog)
  • once wrote an article on dairy farming that lead me  to creating a digital guide, that sells to this day 
  • helped my wife convert her hobby of cooking into not one but TWO online businesses  
  • have been interviewed in national and international electronic and print media regarding my ventures and addventures, 
  • I am not an expert, nor a guru, nor an internet millionaire. I am just a regular guy with a family who earns his living on the Internet. And I also show people like you how to do it in the best possible way.

Do you dream of quitting your day job, working from anywhere, traveling while working and doing work you look forward to doing every day?

You are closer to your dream than you think. 

Thousands of people all around the world are starting micro-businesses that they run online, and are able to spend time on doing things they love, go on adventures, travel, start new projects, spend time with their families and friends. You do not need an MBA for this. You do not need a large investment. You do not need to work 9 to 5 for five days a week. You don’t need to be in a specific place or a city! Yes, there is work to be done and this is not for everyone, but working for yourself and that too on the Internet: that’s a worthy goal to fight for.

A Sampling of What You Get With the Membership


How to quickly find the Right product or service to offer?

With the right method, you can find which business should you start! Which business is the easiest AND has the most potential for success… we have a very effective way of finding that out


How to set up your website professionally

Too many people either spend too much on a decent website, or they get bogged down into forever tweaking their website! We find out once and for all which platform to use, and how to do it yourself in less than a day! Including a decent design to get started! It’s the same system we use to run our e-commerce store and our blogs!


Email Marketing Made Simple

There are too many complex ways of doing something that is so simple. And something so necessary for your business. Email marketing is the cornerstone of online business today, and we will see how to set it up so you establish respect and trust. Email marketing done right is necessary to help us sell to more people without sounding sleazy or desperate.


How to Craft the Perfect Opt In

Opt in is the “incentive” that you give to people for joining your email list. And within one day, you can craft the perfect opt in for your specific product!

New content added on a monthy basis

Every month, new classes and trainings will be added to the membership area. We do online meetups, masterclasses and all recordings go exclusively to the Membership! You will have access to TONS of other trainings…

Is This Membership For You?

ProHobbyist Membership (PHM) is not for everyone.
It is designed to help a certain set of people.
I dont want you to buy into this if you do not belong.
So who is this for?

This membership is for you if:


You have Decided to Take This Seriously

This is the most important aspect: you know you want to give this online business a serious shot, and you have decided to take this seriously. You may be doing this part time, while still working a job, or you may be doing this full time – both cases are OK as long as you have decided to do it. You are not browsing around, but are willing to take action!


You Are Starting Out

You understand that it is possible to make money on the Internet, but you do not know where to begin. You may know the tactics, but you do not have a firm grasp on the choices available and the strategy that leads to lasting success. This membership and the trainings and the community will help you get started with the right mindset, strategies and online tools that will save you money and make you money!


You Want to Grow More!

You have made a few sales but now you want to be more professional about it. For example, people have bought some of your creations from you. But now you want to set yourself up in a more systemized manner. So this membership will help you do exactly that: turn pro on your hobbies!

Not for you if…

This membership is NOT for you if:


You are just browsing...

Browsing is cool, it’s OK. Sometimes you want to check out things before really commiting to them. If you have not decided that the “internet lifestyle” can be for you, then do not get into the Membership. I have a lot of free resources (that are as good as what many other charge for!) that can help you figure out the whole “online earning” and “doing what you love” bit. Good luck!


You Know Everything!

If you (apparently) know everything, I can’t help you. Seriously, the other fine folks in the community can’t help you. We only work with people who want to learn, and for that, the minimum acceptable attitude is that of a student. We are all learning here, and some of us have done what other want to do, so that puts us in a position to teach. But we don’t know everything… and we don’t pretend we know everything. So this is not for “experts” or “gurus” or “know it alls”…


Select your package, and then click Join. Keep your credit/debit card handy.

It’s US $ 19.47 every month. You get a discount if you pay for 6 month or 12 months in advance.
Simple, super low pricing. Good luck and see you inside!

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What People like You are Saying…

The ProHobbyist Membership is fairly recent, and I have not actively collected testimonials for it.
So I want to be clear here: these comments are made for other material that I’ve put out.

People reach out to me and tell me how their lives changed because of the material!
They took the brave step of pursuing their dreams and they make me very proud! A sampling…

“I had my first online sale today! Your writing makes me want to really go for my dream” 

Brenda Cor

“[Business is] A subject I happen to know a little bit about other than star wars, a business blog has to discuss stratagems on varied subjects and Momekh does that like a yoda, enough said.”

Faisal Kapadia

Columnist, The Friday Times

“I have read your book and I must say it gives a great deal of motivation in simple words. Thank you for that!”


Is the price worth it?

You will be paying a gigantic total of $19.47 every month. For comparison, that’s almost equal to the price of a one good meal for two, and you pay that on a monthly basis for the Membership!

That’s less than sixty cents per day that you’d be spending on your business. So instead of asking, is the price worth it, let’s ask a different question:  why are the prices so low?

The prices are low for one reason really. And here’s why:

I am trying to build a solid community of online entrepreneurs from around the world. Keeping the prices below twenty bucks a month (that’s two thousand Pak rupees), allows me to reach a large number of people initially.

You see, I did some research, and found that the kind of value, trainings and support we are providing in the ProHobbyist Membership, that can fetch anywhere between $30 to $99 per month. That is where we are headed, but because we are starting out, and I need to put together a core group of action takers, I want to get as many people in as I can at this price point.

I am being honest here: we will increase the price from 19.47 per month in the near future God willing. So if you feel you are ready to start converting your hobby and your idea into an online business, now is the time.

Oh and also: if you sign up now, you will LOCK IN the price so every month you will be charged the same 19.47 (so signing up now will protect you from future price increases. Cool, no?)

As of Oct 2016, there are 11+ action packed trainings in the Membership (and some trainings have more than one video, have worksheets and action plans). And more trainings and masterclasses are being added…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you have no long term contract. You can cancel whenever you feel the infromation is of no use, OR you feel that you exhausted the information and used it on your business. I’d hate to see you go though 🙁

How do I pay for the Membership?

You will be asked to register when you click the Join button (under the Pricing table). You need a credit or debit card ready. We only accept credit card and paypal at the moment (the option to pay via bank transfer is only applicable for those paying for the year).

Will it work for me if I am ...

This Membership is for you if you want to convert your hobby, passion and idea into an online business. If yes, then this is for you. If you are just browsing, if you are “addicted” to learning and not doing, if you want to get rich quick without putting in effort, then it’s better that you don’t buy.

My Hobby is Photography, Will this course teach me how to earn from it?

Yes. We have a full module where we discover if a hobby is worth pursuing as a business. We call it simply “hobby testing”. For a lot of people, the hobby of photography is a legitimate option. But your case may be different. The unique method we use will help you find that out.

Hobbies of cooking, photography, graphic design, filmmaking, writing, shoe making, leather craft, fashion design, jewelry making and teaching…the ProHobbyist system can help you convert your hobby into an online business.

How do you choose what to add to the Membership?

Each month we add new trainings, scripts and material to the Membership. I decide that mainly by your questions and suggestions! So you stuck somewhere, you let me know, and that can be the next full fledge trianing.

Note: this is not an academic site. No boring theories here. We have material that is proven to work because it has been tested to work! I am running online businesses, and this Membership is where I share my practical lessons as well. I know that practical lessons are the most valuable for anyone who wants to grow and learn.

Any Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.