Secret Sauce Recipes Get your website to sell for you

Do you want your website to SELL more for you, instead of just sitting there looking pretty?

The Secret Sauce Recipes for your Website is a tactical collection of techniques, methods and strategies that:

Treasure Hunting 101


Are you going to sit on that idea of yours for the next five years?

We don’t just want a “technique” to create a profitable product… we see how you can do it for your idea!

You know you want to start a business, but dont know which business should you start? Yes!

You have a business idea, but can you test the ideas, and pick the most profitable (doing all of this BEFORE investing time and money)? Yes!

You keep hearing about “doing what you love”, but will this Treasure Hunting course give you the tools to DISCOVER the intersection between what you love, and what actually sells? YES!

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Craft the Profit Pages for Your Website (with tested templates)

Optimize website pages so they DO the work for you! Most people don’t know what’s working right now: for example, in the About page, most people would write “about themselves”! That’s a mistake. There is a much better technique that builds a trusting relationship with your clients, because it uses fundamentals of psychology to craft the pages!

So, do you want your website to start actually earning money for you?

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The Email List Builder’s Toolkit

It is not easy to build your email list. From understanding exactly HOW you earn from email, to how to get the RIGHT kind of people to join, this toolkit provides you with timeless strategies.

Video walkthroughs and explainer videos… so you see the bigger picture and see how to craft each piece of the email marketing puzzle!

We have checklists for crafting your optin offer (also called lead magnet) and for writing out your first autoresponder email sequence!

It’s time you amp up your game and join the pros!

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